Deposit Payments

To secure your booking a £35 deposit (per day) is required .

The final payment is due on or before the day of the booking. A invoice will be emailed to you shortly after paying the deposit.

Cancellations and changes
Cancellation notice must be given a minimum of 7 days prior to the booked day. Cancellation under 7 days may forfeit the deposit. A change of date may be possible based on availability. If a change of date is needed, and we are notified before the 7 day deadline, the deposit is transferable for the new date. Cancellations within 48 hrs of the booked date will incur the full day rate.

Payment methods
Deposit Payments by card, Balance can be paid in cash, bank transfer, or card.

Planning your hire time
To avoid overtime charges, and possibly delaying other bookings, please remember to include your set up and take down time in your booked time. Entrance to the Studio will not be available until shortly before the start of your booking time.

GUIDELINES FOR STUDIO RENTAL, PLEASE ADVISE YOUR COLLEAGUES - No Porn, No pyrotechnics, No smokebombs, No smoking. Please ask before sticking tape or nails/screws on floors/walls, and before using anything which may cause a mess in the Studio, including liquids, smoke, sand, feathers, glitter etc. Do not drag props across the floor, lift and carry. Please leave the Kitchen clean and tidy, boil a kettle to wash any cups you have used. Do not touch any of the lighting equipment wihout first consulting with the Studio staff. There are plenty of chairs for relaxing, please do not use the newer plush velvet chairs/sofas (ask if not sure). Ask before using any heaters. Please report any damage or faults you may find.

.The deposit payment should also be a acknowledgement that you have read and accept the terms outlined on this page

1. Terms of Use: Use of our stu­dio and our equip­ment is AT HIRER’S OWN RISK. The Hirer hereby waives rights to seek legal redress for mis­haps, acci­dents, and/or loss related to their actions whilst on our premises. Hirer agrees to leave the stu­dio and adja­cent grounds in the same con­di­tion as they were when Hirer arrived. Hirers are solely respons­ible for any legal infrac­tions Hirer or mem­bers of Hirer’s party make dur­ing the con­duct of the shoot, be they in our stu­dio or adja­cent grounds. Hirer agrees to hold harm­less Hallam Mill Studio (Truedefinition Photographic), its owner, agents, rep­res­ent­at­ives, and con­tract­ors act­ing on its behalf for any loss, acci­dent, or injury to Hirer’s self or any­one who accom­pan­ies Hirer while on our premises. Hirer agrees to be solely respons­ible for the con­duct and wel­fare of all per­sons accom­pa­ny­ing Hirer while on our premises. Hirers are solely respons­ible for the safety and well-being of any mod­els Hirer engages. Hirer under­stands that if the dan­ger­ous or neg­li­gent prac­tices or activ­it­ies are observed, we reserve the right to stop the shoot and require Hirer and accom­pa­ny­ing parties to leave imme­di­ately — HOWEVER, Hallam Mill Photographic Studio assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY to act in such cases. Hirer agrees to hold Hallam Mill Pho­to­graphic Stu­dio, its agents, rep­res­ent­at­ives, and any­one act­ing on their behalf com­pletely harm­less from any action, legal or oth­er­wise, that res­ults from Hirer’s con­duct. Hirers are solely respons­ible for veri­fy­ing that all mod­els employed dur­ing the rental period are of appro­pri­ate legal age for the activ­it­ies they are to be engaged in dur­ing the shoot. Hallam Mill Pho­to­graphic Stu­dio has no respons­ib­il­ity to determ­ine or verify the age of par­ti­cipants in the hirer’s activ­it­ies but reserves the right to end those activ­it­ies if it becomes aware that legal age viol­a­tions are on-going. Hirer agrees that a rep­res­ent­at­ive of Hallam Mill Pho­to­graphic Stu­dio will be present in the stu­dio premises dur­ing all hires.
2. Equip­ment: Hallam Mill Pho­to­graphic Stu­dio agrees to provide equip­ment in good work­ing order, but makes no spe­cial guar­an­tees as to said equipment’s func­tion­al­ity or suit­ab­il­ity to Hirer’s pur­poses. Hallam Mill Pho­to­graphic Stu­dio is not liable for acts out of its con­trol that affect the shoot, such as power out­ages, weather or emer­gen­cies. In such cases, Hallam Mill Pho­to­graphic Stu­dio may refund or credit a pro­rated por­tion of Hirer’s pay­ment. Dam­ages to equip­ment and premises are the hirer’s respons­ib­il­ity and must be settled after hire period at mar­ket value.
3. Health and Safety
Hallam Mill Pho­to­graphic Stu­dio will not be held respons­ible for any acci­dent or injury caused by the hirer or any mem­ber of their party whilst using the stu­dio facilities.